#144 Game Oven Bounden

Game Oven

You can’t stop smiling. You hold the phone with your dance partner and spin, twirl, and bow with all the awkward majesty you can muster. Bounden is engaging, playful, and delightful. Adriaan, Eline, and Bojan form Game Oven Studios and these Dutch developers told us what a real cooperative game is all about.

#143 treachery-in-beatdown-city

Shawn Alexander Allen

Treachery In Beatdown City is a brand new mix of tactic gameplay jammed with classic side scrolling brawler action. They are back on Kickstarter after a lukewarm response on the first pass. Shawn Alexander Allen joined us at GDC to chat about what he learned from a failed Kickstarter and what this game means to him.

Out There Game

Hello… Is There Anybody Out There?

The 22nd century is calling. Your orders are to strap on a sleek space suit, hop into the stylish spaceship the “Nomad,” and fly out to one of Jupiter’s moons for some much needed space minerals. Unfortunately, while you were in cryostasis, something happened. Upon waking up you notice that you’re adrift in a galaxy far, far away from Jupiter. Whilst looking over the interstellar map, you discover that Earth and the Sun are light years away; the only way home is to go where no man has gone before.