#157 william-pugh-secrets

William Pugh

William Pugh, writer/designer on The Stanley Parable remake, joins us to discuss what working on such a successful game means to him and revealed to us his next project.

#156 Transistor

Supergiant Games

SuperGiant’s Greg Kasavin joined me to discuss their recent release of Transistor. We start with the difficult nature of talking about Transistor without bringing up Bastion, their first release. While they are both compelling and well-executed games, Transistor departs from its predecessor in search of something just as new and exciting.

#155 IndieGameStand


The shifting plate tectonics of indie game development has spilled over into it’s neighboring industries. How we talk about games is changing just as rapidly as how games are being made. IndieGameStand saw a gap left open by these quakes and has poised itself help shape this ever changing landscape. Mike Gnade and Matt “Canj” Cangialosi joined us to talk about where they see the game seller market heading and how they want to help devs out.