#159 Action Henk


I had a grip of action figures growing up, and it was from that playful imagination that my fondness of games came from. My menagerie of hand-me-down Star Wars and Ninja Turtle toys were a constant source or entertainment. Rage Squid seems to know my past childhood and Roel Ezendam and company have decided to make a game that will make you gush and curse simultaneously.

#158 Where is my heart

Where Is My Heart?

This is the second release of “Where Is My Heart?” The original release was in Novemeber of 2011. Before that it was selected for IndieCade 2008. It was released for PC on May 29th of this year. Bernhard Schulenburg is the lead designer behind the game and he joined me to discuss its recent release.

Framed Header

Narrative Perspective in Framed

It was the day after Bit Bazaar and I was in a noisy library with amazing artists hawking their work to passersby. On the second floor I sat next to the notorious Joshua Boggs. On several occasions, across the past few months, people would introduce us telling me I need to talk to this man about his game. So sitting side by side, with a frustrated librarians buzzing about we discussed film noir, narrative structures and Framed.